Thursday, August 18, 2005

U.S. v. Dorsey (9th Cir. - Aug. 10, 2005)

When you're not a student, are impermissibly (and seemingly for no reason) hanging out at a high school, and are kicked out by school security and ordered not to return, don't come back later and deliberately drive in an out-of-control manner in the school parking lot. And, if you do, try not to be obviously stoned when you do so. And, if you nonetheless ignore my counsel , for God's sake, don't keep a loaded Glock with hollow-point bullets and bags of crack in the front seat. Because if you do, they are going to throw you in jail.

Which is what happens here. But what else do you expect, I guess, from a guy who claimed -- when he was confronted by school security -- that he was there to see a ficitious individual called "Stephon Livingood"? Really? Why not add that you're simultaneously supposed to meet his best friend, "Bong Stonerdaily"?

Come on. You gotta be able to think up a better name than that. "Livingood". More like "Livininthepokeyforthenextseveralyears".