Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fitz-Gerald v. Skywest Airlines (Cal. Ct. App. - Sept. 20, 2007)

Want to know how much flight attendants make? I can tell you the short answer: Not much. But if you want more detailed knowledge -- including learning that that flight attendant who's saying "Welcome aboard" while you're boarding the plane is only making $1.60/hour while s/he's doing it -- then read this opinion.

For what it's worth, I think that Justice Yegan is right that the wage class action here is preempted by federal law. Sorry about that, FAs. At least you still get free flights. Which -- let's be honest -- is one of the principal reasons you took the (low paying) job in the first plance, right?

P.S. - Random shout out to Karen Duncan, a former American Airline flight attendant whom I knew in high school and who subsequently became an attorney. And from whom I received all of my (limited) knowledge about what it's like to be a flight attendant. Let's just say: Not the worst job in the universe, but far from the greatest either.