Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Compton USD v. Addison (9th Cir. - March 22, 2010)

"Addison received very poor grades and scored below the first percentile on standardized tests during her ninth-grade year in 2002-2003. . . . [She] perform[ed] at a fourth-grade level. In the fall of her tenth-grade year, Addison failed every academic subject. The counselor considered these grades to be a 'major red flag.' Teachers reported that Addison was 'like a stick of furniture' in class, and that her work was 'gibberish and incomprehensible.' Teachers also reported that Addison sometimes refused to enter the classroom, colored with crayons at her desk, played with dolls in class, and urinated on herself in class."

Think that might perhaps be indicative of a problem?! Geeze.

Depressing. And the fact that it's in the middle of Compton only makes it even more so.