Monday, July 22, 2013

Three Cases (Cal. App. Cts. - July 22, 2013)

Let's see what the California appellate courts have for us as we begin this fresh new week.

Three published opinions so far.  One is from the Court of Appeal and concerns the child of a child:  who's entitled to custody of someone who was born to his 14-year old mother who subsequently became homeless, pregnant again, and then incarcerated for strong arm robbery and motor vehicle theft.  The American Dream.

The second is from the California Supreme Court and addresses whether the trial of someone accused of molesting his eight-year old niece (for four years) can include evidence that the defendant allegedly previously molested his five-year old sister when he was thirteen.  The third is equally uplifting, and involves whether a defendant accused if molesting his girlfriend's six- and seven-year old sisters can introduce evidence that the victims were (1) both allegedly molested by other people previously, and (2) caught engaging in various age-inappropriate sexual conduct; e.g., masturbating with a toothbrush as a five-year old.

The background soundtrack to today's opinions would accordingly be this Whitney Houston song.