Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Peake v. Underwood (Cal. Ct. App. - June 25, 2014)

Marviel Underwood didn't have a particularly stellar NFL career.  A fourth round pick of the Packers, he played the entire 2005 season, but tore ligaments in his knee during a preseason game against the Chargers in 2006, and spent the entire season on injured reserve.  He then spends a little time with the Raiders and then even less time (five days) with the Raiders before his NFL career is over.  (He gets injured again in 2009 playing in the United Football League, but that's just icing -- bitter icing -- on the cake.)

By contrast, Underwood performs stellarly in the California judiciary.  He and his wife get sued in 2010 by the buyer of their house.  Underwood not only wins this lawsuit, but also (1) recovers his attorney's fees in defending this actions, (2) obtains $60,000 in sanctions against both the plaintiff and her attorneys, and (3) both prevails and obtains costs -- presumably (yet again) including fees -- in the Court of Appeal as well.

Not bad, Mr. Underwood.  Not bad at all.