Monday, March 16, 2015

In Re Chang (Cal. Supreme Ct. - March 16, 2015)

It took a long time in coming.  But come it did.

Back in 1890, Hong Chang applied to become an attorney in California.  But the California Supreme Court wouldn't let him.  At the time, you couldn't become a lawyer in our state if you weren't eligible to become a citizen, and the federal Chinese Exclusion Act prevented Chang (who was from China) to become a citizen.  Hence Chang's application to become an attorney is denied.

Fast forward to today.  Over a century later, the California Supreme Court grants Mr. Chang posthumous admission as an attorney.

Given the history here, I think we can overlook the fact (not mentioned by the Supreme Court's opinion) that, technically, Chang's not actually allowed to become an attorney without taking the required oath.  Which is going to be hard for him to do at this point.

Welcome to the Bar, Mr. Chang.  Long overdue.