Thursday, October 01, 2015

People v. Nguyen (Cal. Supreme Ct. - Aug. 13, 2015)

The California Supreme Court recounts:  "In the afternoon of July 21, 1994, Tony Nguyen was giving some members of the Cheap Boys gang a ride home. Vinh Kevin Lac was in the front passenger seat of the car Tony was driving. Tinh Dam and his girlfriend, Chynna Vu, were in the back seat. Vu was a member of the Southside Scissors, a female Asian street gang."

The "Southside Scissors"?!  Really?

I know it's an actual gang.  I was just surprised by the name.

Very surprised.

P.S. - When you read the first eight pages or so of the opinion -- which recounts the details of a large number of gang-related murders -- it sounds like the Wild West out in Garden Grove, Westminster, etc.  Seriously.