Wednesday, December 09, 2015

In Re Dakota J. (Cal. Ct. App. - Nov. 23, 2015)

"In October 2014, the Department of Children and Family Services (Department) received an anonymous referral regarding Faith. In response to the referral, a Department social worker attempted to visit mother and Faith at the hotel where they were living. Mother refused to open the door to her hotel room or to speak with the social worker."

That's not good.

"A few days later, another social worker attempted to visit mother at the hotel. Although mother initially opened the door to her room, when she learned the social worker was from the Department, she responded with profanity and threats of violence, then slammed the door."

That's worse.  Repeating the same problem that transpired earlier.

"At the social worker’s request, officers from the Inglewood Police Department came to the hotel to assist with the Department’s investigation. Mother refused to open her hotel room door, and would not comply with the officers’ verbal request to allow the social worker to see Faith and assess her condition. After the officers learned that there were outstanding warrants against mother, they obtained a key from the hotel attendant and opened the hotel room door. The officers entered the hotel room and observed Faith sitting on the bed. Mother said to the officers, 'I have a right to kill you here because I don’t like cops. I have a right to murder you here now that you are inside my home.' Mother attempted to strike the officers and, after a brief struggle, one of the officers used a Taser to subdue her. Mother was subsequently hospitalized with a broken arm."

That's even worse.  Claiming that you have a "right" to kill police officers, and then apparently attempting to do so, is not a good sign.  That sort of makes one wonder if you might have other beliefs that may endanger your children.

"With mother’s consent, the Department placed Faith temporarily with a family friend, Dorothy W., while mother was in the hospital. During an initial interview, Faith told the social worker she was nine years old but did not go to school. Faith said she left the hotel room only occasionally, when she would go with her mother to buy cigarettes. Faith also disclosed that mother smoked cigarettes and 'other stuff.'"

Ugh.  As I had suspected.

"The Department conducted a comprehensive investigation of the family over the next several weeks. After mother was discharged from the hospital, a social worker visited mother and Faith at Dorothy’s home. Mother appeared frustrated by the investigation and denied neglecting Faith. Mother initially refused to answer the social worker’s questions, stating 'you guys are in the process of me being in the Cold War. It’s international elite conspiracy. I don’t need to answer you.' Mother later explained to the social worker that she had a microchip implanted in the left side of her neck behind her left ear to protect her. Mother stated she 'did not abuse the power of the microchip even though she could have used it to find out classified information . . . .'

Mother became increasingly agitated during the interview at Dorothy’s house and asked the social worker if Dorothy could join them. When the social worker stated the interview was intended to be confidential, mother responded, '[t]here is nothing confidential with me because I am sure the people at pentagon [sic.] are listening through the microchip.' Mother also said the microchip implanted in her head sent her visual images, and the people watching her were 'mixed people who were alien species that look like people,' and were 'everywhere.' Mother stated she taught Faith how to identify the aliens because most people cannot recognize them and they can come through the television. She told the social worker she had been seeing white flies flying all over her recently, and also explained that the moon is a holographic satellite."

Oh my.  So it's even worse than I suspected.

"With regard to Faith, mother confirmed she was being homeschooled, but acknowledged the homeschooling was not being overseen by any educational entity. Although mother denied taking Faith to beg for money, she admitted that they 'go out to do ‘freedom of speech stuff’ which is asking for money.' Mother claimed Faith had been receiving regular medical care, but refused to provide the name of any physician who had ever treated Faith. Mother also acknowledged that Faith did not receive immunizations because 'they are poisonous,' and did not see a dentist because dentists are 'scandalous and the fluoride in the toothpaste is poisonous.'"

Say no more.  I get it.  That's all I really needed to hear.  (Though I appreciate the subsequent comment that "I don’t have to do anything that you guys said and I am not taking her to Harbor UCLA. Those government hospitals are where they implant microchip in people. I think you are working with the Zulus and you seem to be an agent.")