Monday, September 12, 2005

In Re Freedman (Cal. Ct. App. - Aug 22, 2005)

Shucks. I always like to read about a good fight. So I was bummed that Justice Epstein's opinion didn't contain more of the underlying facts in this case. Sure, they were utterly irrelevant to the merits of the appeal. But when the opinion describes the underlying divorce litigation as "unusually litigious even for its genre" (and involving multiple appeals and petitions), you know you're missing out on some good stuff.

Oh well. Net result: Husband owes Wife a lot of money. Husband goes bankrupt. Wife continues to file appeal notwithstanding Husband's bankruptcy. Court of Appeal holds that Wife's appeal is frivolous. Husband screws up and doesn't file fee request on time, but trial court awards over $44,000 in fees. Court of Appeal reverses.

At least we get a hint of the tenor of the proceedings. Ah, the joys of divorce.