Wednesday, December 07, 2005

People v. Manriquez (Cal. Supreme Ct. - Dec. 5, 2005)

There are perhaps many things to be learned from this 57-page opinion, in which the California Supreme Court again unanimously affirms the defendant's death sentence. But I'll limit myself to the following:

Here are four places I'd strongly consider avoiding in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Since they're the places at which the defendant, Abelino Manriquez, allegedly committed four different murders. None of them sound like places I'd particularly like to visit:

(1) The Las Playas restaurant in Paramount (at 8335 Rosecrans Avenue). That's where Manriquez shot and killed Miguel Garcia at 4:40 a.m. If, however, you visit, feel free to leave a review of the restaurant here.

(2) Fort Knots in South Gate (at 9015 Long Beach Boulevard). This is a strip club, and is where he shot and killed the doorman, George Martinez, after Manriquez was thrown out of the club for touching one of the dancers (Daneen Baker) on her thighs. Fort Knots is now known as "Club Oz", after being bought by the owner of another strip club, "The Classic Lady of Oz". Two pool tables and lap dances for $10 at Fort Knots. If you're interested.

(3) The Rita Motel. The opinion (by Chief Justice George) says that that the Rita's in Compton, but I actually think that it's in Lynwood (at 12112 Atlantic Avenue). Everyone seems to think that murders always happen in Compton, for some reason. Nope. Lynwood. 2.7 miles away. Anyway, the Rita Motel is where Manriquez and his girlfriend, Sylvia Tinoco, were drinking beer and doing coke, after which Manriquez decided to shoot and kill Efrem Baldia. I'd especially try to avoid the motel parking lot (where the killing transpired) as well as Room 23. The latter is the scene of Manriquez' pre-murder coke party, as well as -- I'm sure -- a wide variety of unhygenic acts performed by various other patrons.

(4) The Mazatlan Bar. The opinion again says that this is in Compton. But the only reference I can find to this bar is the one in East Los Angeles (at 3800 Hammel Street). Again, maybe the presumption is just that every murder in Los Angeles is in Compton. Or maybe there's -- shockingly -- more than one "Mazatlan Bar", or that the one in Compton closed after a sufficient number of murders. Whatever. Just to play it safe, try your best not to fall asleep at the bar at anyplace in Los Angeles called the Mazatlan. Because that's what Jose Gutierrez did. And Manriquez shot and killed him as a result. So play it safe. At least buy a Red Bull alongside your many shooters to try to stay awake.

So Manriquez has been convicted of four different murders. Oh, he also allegedly forcibly raped a woman at gunpoint as well. Nice. Anyway, the guy's (shockingly) sentenced to death. And I doubt he'll be getting off of death row any time soon.