Wednesday, October 11, 2006

In Re Jaime Jasso (Cal. Ct. App. - Oct. 11, 2006)

Rarely do I comment upon amendments to published opinions that merely correct typos. For good reason, obviously.

But this one nonetheless gave me a chuckle. Justice Rushing amends his opinion as follows: "On page 6, line 23, the word “sox” is changed to “socks” so the sentence reads: The foot shackles hurt his ankles and caused them to bleed on the white socks that he had to wear."

Wouldn't it have been great if the original opinion had been the deliberate product of a fan of the team from the AL Central, sneaking the reference into a published opinion? Awesome.

I guess once the 90-72 Sox didn't make the playoffs, they earned themselves a deletion from the opinion. Sorry about that, guys. At least you're still the reigning World Series Champions. For another couple of weeks, anyway.