Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hasso v. Hasso (Cal. Ct. App. - March 6, 2007)

Maybe it's that I'm in my 40s. Maybe it's that I have kids. Regardless, I thought that this was pathetic.

Norman Hasso dies at age 35. Sad enough. He establishes a trust (right before he dies) that, as is often the case, throws off all income to his wife/widow and leaves the principal to his two kids.

There's plenty of money to go around; millions (indeed, tens of millions) of dollars. You'd think that'd be enough. Nope.

After Daddy's dead, Mommy and Kids decide to litigate how various distributions from the Trust should be classified; income (to Mommy) or principal (to Kids). In short, in a fight over precisely how many millions each one gets, Mommy and Kids decide to sue each other.

Nice. I'm sure that's exactly what Daddy would have wanted after his death. At 35.