Wednesday, April 18, 2007

People v. Imram Q. (Cal. Ct. App. - April 18, 2007)

Yesterday I noted that the California Court of Appeal had amended a plethora of its opinions that day, and slightly complimented them for doing so -- or, at least, for being willing to amend.

Today, apparently emboldened, read -- in its entirety -- the following amendment by Justice Rubin:

"GOOD CAUSE appearing the opinion filed in the above entitled matter on April 9, 2007, is modified as follows:
On page 3, the amount of '$17,958.13' in the first full sentence shall be replaced with '$17,958';
On page 3, insert a new footnote at the end of the second to the last sentence in the first paragraph which shall now read:
The court therefore ordered appellant to pay Iaquinto $17,958.13 in additional restitution.3
Footnote 3 shall read as follows:
During the hearing, the parties sometimes discussed amounts of money in round figures, and sometimes to the exact penny. From those discussions, we cannot immediately discern the court’s reason for adding 13 cents, but we accept that addition because the court incorporated it into its final order.
(end of modification)
There is no change in judgment."

Wow. All that for 13 cents. And not even for 13 cents, since the judgment remains the same.

Next time, just call me. I'll pay the 13 cents and save the trees chopped down to publish the amendment.