Friday, June 15, 2007

In Re Stier (Cal. Ct. App. - June 15, 2007)

Listen to these facts:

"In 1995, respondent, a physician who resides in San Francisco, began an internet and telephone relationship with Jill N., a 41-year-old woman who represented to him that her name was 'Jill Armstrong,' and that she was 18 years old. In February of 1996, while respondent was traveling to a professional conference in North Carolina he arranged to meet Jill at a hotel. In fact, the girl he met was Jill’s 14-year-old daughter Lauren. Jill had persuaded or coerced her daughter to meet men for sexual contact. According to the petition, when respondent met Lauren she claimed to be 18-year-old Jill, and based upon her appearance and demeanor he believed her. The declarations of both respondent and Lauren maintain that they engaged in entirely consensual sexual contact—of a nature not disclosed by the record—during this single encounter. Respondent also asserted in the petition that he was 'duped' as to 'the girl’s age' by Jill, and had no intent to engage in sex with an underage girl."

Okay. Just a couple of comments. (1) You're apparently a 40-ish year old man, Dr. David Mark Stier. Who went to Yale Medical School. Yes, you may have been duped. But what are you doing trying to sleep with an 18-year old anyway?! Especially since you're -- it appears -- a pediatrician, for Christ's sake. (2) Stranger -- and utterly more irrational still -- what sort of a parent is "Jill N."?! Pretending to be and then whoring your 14-year old daughter out to 40-year old men?! What sort of a nutjob thinks that's okay?

It's a crazy world, my friends.