Wednesday, November 07, 2007

In Re B.D. (Cal. Ct. App. - Nov. 7, 2007)

Vicious cycle:

"B.D. [the child the court's taking away from the mother] was born on May 17, 2004, to mother, G., herself a dependent child at the time. On May 19, 2004, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) filed a section 300 petition alleging mother had emotional problems which had resulted in her hospitalization. The detention report indicated mother had had several 'psychiatric hospitalizations in 2002 for suicidal ideation, depression, self-mutilation, hearing voices, and hallucinations. Furthermore, the minor mother fails to follow through with taking psychotropic medications. Additionally, the minor mother expresses anger by breaking windows, throwing food and plates against the wall, and assaulting the maternal grandparents.' Part of mother’s history included an arrest for battery against a school employee in 2002. Mother’s father informed the social worker that mother was abusive towards himself and his wife, she destroyed things and 'curses people out.' Neither parent wanted mother to return to their home. Mother had a history of hitting other people, including her father and a teacher."