Tuesday, July 29, 2008

City of Hollister v. Monterey Ins. Co. (Cal. Ct. App. - 29, 2008)

Thinking about purchasing a policy with Monterey Insurance Company, or have to deal with them on a claim? Then take a look at this.

Rarely, in my view, does an insurance company look this bad. Justice Rushing gives excruciating details about how Monterey Insurance -- and one of its adjusters, Jack Boczar -- handled an insurance claim filed by the City of Hollister when one of its old buildings at the Hollister airport caught fire. Suffice it to say Justice Rushing's description makes it crystal clear that this is not an insurer with which I'd elect to do business.

The type of stuff the insurer pulled here is exactly why some people despise insurance companies. And I was more than happy to see that the trial court, as well as the Court of Appeal, didn't let them get away with it.