Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In Re Bardzik (Cal. Ct. App. - Aug. 26, 2008)

This afternoon brings us this modification of this original opinion by Justice Sills. Who, apparently, has been watching the Food Network a fair piece lately, and adds (inter alia) the following soup analogy as a means of comparing and contrasting various cases:

"Where the evidentiary facts in the case before us make up a thin consommé indeed, in Mosley they were, as in Hinman VIII and La Bass & Munsee, thick as lentil stew."

I mentioned when the original opinion came out that I thought that the breezy opinion by Justice Sills worked pretty well, at least for me. This just adds to it.

Admittedly, that's coming from a person (me) who knows as little about lentil stew as he does about Regis Philbin. So feel free to take my thoughts (and your consommé) with a grain of salt.