Monday, April 06, 2009

People v. Samaniego (Cal. Ct. App. - April 6, 2009)

Anyone who listens to Los Angeles traffic reports has heard of "Tujunga," which is a community north of L.A. off the 210 (heading out from Pasadena to the Cajon Pass or Simi Valley). As in: "There's a huge backup on the 210 at Tujunga, so those of you trying to get home during rush hour might as well stay at work for all the good it's going to do you to fight rush hour." But how many people have actually spent some time there?

After reading this opinion, you're perhaps even less likely to do so. Sure, there's a fascinating discussion of the place, and I feel like I know it a lot better than I did before today. Including a variety of interesting people and hotspots. So, for example, at the corner of Silverton and Valmont in Tujunga, there's the "tweaker house" -- so named because a variety of (presumably skinny) Caucasian methamphetamine users hang out there. Which is good to know if you're ever in the mood, I guess. Plus, feel free to make yourself at home by giving a shout out to Michele Pace, Luis Vasquez and Earl Heim, who live there, and introduce yourself with a friendly smile to Terri Weitzman, Donald Nelson, and Josh Green, who are regular visitors. Also feel free to score there from Josh Krippner and Shawn Kidd. In short, have a good time. Tell everyone they're now famous, which is how a plain-Jane square such as yourself found his or her way to a tweaker house in Tujunga. It's amazing how much you can learn just by perusing the pages of the California Appellate Reporter.

Even less inviting than the place on Silverton and Valmont is the house and trailer located on the aptly-named "Glory Avenue" in Tujunga, which is where you might run into a variety of the members of the Hispanic gang in Tujunga with the name "Toonerville". On the upside, however, the members have interesting names; e.g., Silly, Stranger, Shaggy, Gangster, and Huero -- plus a woman named "Dreamer" who's occasionally there was well.

You'll have to ignore, of course, the occasional first-degree murder. But other than that, I submit to you that Tujunga is the perfect place to meet new and interesting friends. Spring Break!