Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In Re Complaint of Judicial Misconduct (9th Cir. - Sept. 22, 2009)

This happens to be from today, but it could be from just about any day. 'Cause they all get resolved the same way; in a published (transparent) order that gets rid of the thing.

So let me summarize this one, and pretty much any other one: "Someone [typically a pro se nutjob] has filed a complaint of misconduct against one or a plethora of judges. Lots of the allegations we don't have jurisdiction over because they're complaining about the merits. For everything else, what's alleged either isn't misconduct or if it is, there's no actual evidence of it, so we hereby dismiss the complaint. [If they've done a lot of these, we hereby order 'em to show cause why they shouldn't be sanctioned.]"

That pretty much covers this. Chief Judge Kozinski's chambers have to be pretty much old hats at this at this point. Not too tough.