Friday, April 02, 2010

Purifoy v. Howell (Cal. Ct. App. - March 26, 2010)

Want to practice pet law, but wondering how one goes about it? Here you go.

It's a neat little case, and one in the public interest. Basically about how long shelters have to keep animals before they whack 'em.

It's a straightforward statutory interpretation case, so not doctrinally all that interesting. Plus, the right result, I think, is a matter of common sense -- and one that Justice Jenkins (and the rest of the panel) get exactly right. "Business days" don't include Saturdays, even if a shelter is open. At least in this context. And the owners of pets get three days exclusivity to redeem the animal, and then additional days thereafter of nonexclusive redemption rights.

So good job by the Court of Appeal. As opposed to the trial courts here, which shuttled the matter to multiple judges with multiple (contradictory) rulings, ultimately resulting a (just) reversal.