Wednesday, July 28, 2010

People v. Wong (Cal. Ct. App. - July 28, 2010)

Let's see what I learned from this opinion:

(1) Kaiser spends $9 million in Southern California to "influence" the community. This basically entails buying meals for government officials and others and taking them to sporting events. Oh, yeah, and buying the L.A. Deputy Mayor a massage that has a "happy ending". Glad to hear it.

(2) The guy at Kaiser in charge of (1) also embezzles money by buying tickets for Kaiser and selling them on the side.

(3) Graft in the private sector employment isn't the only way to make a living. The same guy in (2) was also appointed to various commissions by the City of L.A. And took bribes -- er, I mean, "consulting payments" -- from private companies to influence the City.

(4) He also cheats on his taxes.

Ah, the cesspool of public and private employment.