Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Western Watersheds Project v. Interior Board (9th Cir. - Oct. 12, 2010)

I've got nothing of substance to say about this Ninth Circuit opinion.  But I noticed that it was from the District of Idaho -- and, in particular, from Pocatello.

You don't see many cases from Pocatello in the Ninth Circuit.  It's got 50,000 souls, and even though it may be the largest city in Eastern Idaho, that's not saying much.  For a sense of what we're talking about, check out the picture of Downtown.

The Ninth Circuit publishes two or three opinions a year from the district court in Pocatello, so this is not an L.A. or S.F. court on the appellate front either.  That said, the federal courthouse in Pocatello looks almost as fancy -- albeit smaller -- as its brethren.  Plus, parking's probably a whole lot easier.

However, the number of cases filed in Pocatello are very small.  As of August of this year, for example, there were 76 civil cases and 40 criminal cases total filed in federal court in 2010 in Pocatello.  Talk about a small docket.  Though I'll note that's tons more than filed in Moscow (the City in Idaho, not the capital of Russia -- courthouse of the former here).  Which has had a veritable crime wave this year -- as of August, there's been a grand total of seven federal criminal cases filed there.  Nice life.

When in law school, I dated a woman who grew up in Pocatello.  Didn't know much about the place then.  Only know slightly more about the place now.  But thought I'd share what I do.

Which includes its motto.  "Pocatello:  Gateway to the Northwest."  Whenever your claim to fame is that you're the gateway to somewhere different; well, that tells you something.

Seems like a cute place though.