Thursday, June 30, 2011

Behnke v. State Farm (Cal. Ct. App. - June 29, 2011)

In these days of clients suing their lawyers (and screaming at, and even occasionally shooting at, them), I guess it's nice to see a client totally believing in their attorney, even after the attorney allegedly bills "grossly excessive" amounts to defend a seemingly simple case of "You sold me a house after painting over the mold."

There were lots of things that might have shaken Michael Behnke's confidence in the lawyers at English & Gloven here in San Diego.  The fees charged.  The fact that the firm foreclosed on his house (!).  The firm's losing a demurrer when it sued State Farm (on Behnke's behalf) to recover fees allegedly owed.

But heaven help him, Behnke stuck with 'em, and English & Gloven continues to represent him on appeal.  An appeal which it loses.

Still, I guess you have to admire the confidence of a client in his lawyer.  Even when many would find that confidence misplaced.