Thursday, April 26, 2012

People v. Villegas (Cal. Ct. App. - April 26, 2012)

When I saw that this case involved an appeal of a conviction of a sex offender for failing to update his address, I initially thought it'd be one of those innumerable cases where a person forgets or waits a couple of days too long after his birthday to reregister, and gets thrown back into jail for a decade as a result.


Here the guy registers for eight straight years, but apparently gets sick of it.  Not only with registration, but also with reporting to his parole officer, because he's currently on parole for an unrelated offense.  So he cuts off his leg monitor, leaves it in a motel along with a note saying he doesn't think he has to report any more (he's on probation , and skips to Alabama.

He's caught and convicted, and sentenced to four years in prison.

Yep.  That's what happens when you cut off your leg monitor and skip town.

Another in a series of bad choices for Hector Villegas.