Tuesday, March 05, 2013

People v. Andreasen (Cal. Ct. App. - March 5, 2013)

By contrast, here's someone who I'm glad will never be permitted to show his face outside of prison.

I understand that Eric Andreasen is somewhat nutty.  But he's scary nutty, not insane nutty.  He's a consistently aggressive panhandler and knifes a woman for utterly no reason.  Yes, I understand, he also gets naked in public and proclaims to be Jesus.  He's not all there.

But he knows it's not okay to kill people, and even the defense expert can only render a "soft" opinion on insanity, admitting that he was not able to say "100%" that defendant was insane.  The jury finds that Andreasen was sane, and given the evidence, I'm okay with that.

As I am with the fact that I'll no longer see Andreasen walking the streets of San Diego, wondering if and when he'd randomly kill again.