Friday, May 17, 2013

In Re Martin (San Diego - May 13, 2013)

Regular readers may notice that I have been very light on posts this week.  In fact, I must forthrightly confess that I have probably read fewer pages of the Federal and California Appellate reporters this week than any week during the past decade.  A period that includes a plethora of vacations, crushing workloads at the office, etc.  Because I enjoy learning and thinking about the law and legal problems, I almost always find some spare time to do so, edven when things are busy.

This week has been an exception.  I have done virtually nothing on the law side since I got on my bicycle at the end of work on Monday to return home.

Since I generally post about legal matters, I won't bore you with the factual details of my week.  I also don't have to.  All I have to do instead is to refer you to this post, which I wrote almost exactly five weeks ago.

The prescience of that post is almost freakily scary.  Similarly eerie is how the facts of Spriesterbach describe nearly perfectly -- stunningly so -- how my Monday the 13th, as well as the rest of the week (and counting), turned out.

With one exception.  In my post, in addition to discussing legal doctrine, I took Spriesterbach to task -- rightly so, I think -- for, immediately after the accident, "saying 'You fucking bitch.  I am going to sue you.'  He picked up his bicycle and threw it, and picked it up again and threw it against a tree.  He pulled earplug from his ears and called the police."

By contrast, yours truly -- and I remember the events as vividly as anything in my memory -- could only manage to repeatedly moan a single sentence fragment, over and over.   "Oh my God.  Oh my God.  Oh my God.  Oh my God.  Oh my God.  Oh my God.  Oh my God."

I've been posting from my "temporary office" since then, and likely for a while longer.  I will pick up the pace of my "recreational reading" -- and publishing my reactions -- as I'm increasingly able.

In the meantime, I want to emphasize again what I said five weeks ago.

Let's be especially careful out there.

It matters even more than I previously realized.

P.S. - Today's Bike to Work Day.  Coincidental timeliness strikes yet again.