Friday, July 25, 2014

Daubert v. Lindsay USD (9th Cir. - July 25, 2014)

I was wondering when I read the caption of this opinion where the Lindsay Unified School District was located.  I had never before heard of it.  But Judge Milan Smith anticipates my curiosity and tells me in the first couple of paragraphs:

"Lindsay, California is a small town located in the Visalia-Porterville Metropolitan area. The town has a total area of 2.6 miles and a population of under 12,000. Approximately 1,100 students attend Lindsay High School."

There you have it.  It's also pretty interesting that a town of 12,000 has over a thousand students in its high school.

Given the sports programs at "city" schools -- those with which many readers may have experience -- it's enlightening to read this opinion and learn all about the football field at Lindsay High School.  Let's just say it's . . . not exactly fancy.

But it complies with the ADA.  Principally because the thing was built in nearly a half-century ago and hasn't changed since.