Tuesday, November 25, 2014

In Re M.D. (Cal. Ct. App. - Nov. 24, 2014)

Justice Pollak tells you in this opinion where to go in this opinion if you want to pick up a 16-year old prostitute in the Bay Area:  Laguna and Ellis Streets in Concord.

Why this particular location?  Justice Pollak explains why, as well as what to look for:  "[P]rostitutes frequent the area of Laguna and Ellis Streets in Concord because it is a safe area to work. The area is a couple of blocks from a BART station, and a majority of prostitutes come from outside the area. According to Robison, for the purposes of attracting men, prostitutes in the area of Laguna Street and Ellis Street will wear revealing clothing showing their midsections and low cut tops, tight shorts, or skirts. They choose that area because it is easy to get there by BART and it has a high population density so they can make a lot of money."

Okay, then.

I thought the concept of being a prostitute near a BART station was interesting, so I looked up the area.  Which revealed that, yes, there's a BART station two or three blocks away from where this particular 16-year old prostitute (and her adult pimp) were picked up.

So that's the upside of this particular location.

There is, however, one downside.  One that's not mentioned in Justice Pollak's opinion, but that's nonetheless very clear from a map of the area.  Guess what's directly in between the BART station and the high-prostitution intersection of Laguna and Ellis Streets in Concord?

The headquarters of the Concord Police Department.

Which somewhat explains why officers are willing to police this area.  An area a block or so away from their station.

Pretty bold to parade your underage prostitute around this area, no?