Wednesday, April 15, 2015

People v. Shivers (Cal. App. Div. - April 15, 2015)

I must admit that I didn't recognize the name "Pauley Perette".  But I am sufficiently marginally connected with reality that I know the face when I see it.  Despite having never seen "NCIS".

Inserting the picture is my attempt to turn this blog into a celebrity rag.  If you're into that sort of thing, you might also like this afternoon's opinion.  Which is all about her and her ex-husband; in particular, her ex-husband's conviction for violating a restraining order though conduct that arose from an unfortunate chance meeting in a restaurant.

Ms. Perette's ex-husband, Francis Shivers, does not come out looking well in the opinion.  For a very different view of the merits -- continuing today's "celebrity gossip" theme -- check this out.

I will say that the one unambiguous message from today's opinion is that if you ever find yourself accidentally near someone who you shouldn't be around, just turn around and walk away.  That's much better than pulling out a cell phone, taking a video, and screaming.

Trust me.