Monday, June 08, 2015

People v. Scott (Cal. Supreme Ct. - June 8, 2015)

"In March 1988, Thomas Meyer and Dan King worked and lived at a construction site in Palm Springs. One night, they were awakened in their camper when Scott confronted them through a screen door and demanded money. Meyer threw his jacket to Scott, who remained outside. After finding no money in it, Scott became agitated, banged on the doorsill, and said, 'I have a double barreled sawed off shotgun here, and I am going to blow your mother fucking head off if you don’t give me some money now.' King took a gun which he kept under his pillow and fired four shots at Scott. Meyer thought Scott had returned fire from a shotgun. Scott appeared to be injured and was rolling on the ground about 10 feet from the door. He said, 'God. I am never going to do this again.' Meyer and King left the camper, and within minutes, the police arrived and arrested Scott."

Scott should have followed his own advice.  Four years later, again in Palm Springs, Scott broke into a home, found a woman in her bed, and killed her.

Scott was sentenced to death.  Something with which every member of the California Supreme Court is okay.