Thursday, May 18, 2017

People v. Cervantes (Cal. Ct. App. - May 18, 2017)

"Defendant] was caught transporting (among other drugs) more than 3,600 doses of methamphetamine with a street value between $111,000 and $222,000. . . . [D]espite his October 18 arrest and release on bail, he was arrested a mere two days later transporting 342 dosage units of methamphetamine with an estimated street value between approximately $10,000 and $20,000."

Yeah.  Probably not the smartest decision in the world to mule another batch of drugs two days after you were caught and arrested for transporting the first batch of drugs.  Especially when you're doing so in a car with expired registration tags, illegally tinted windows, etc.  That sort of makes you an easy target for a police traffic stop and subsequent search of your vehicle.