Wednesday, October 04, 2017

People v. Jo (Cal. Ct. App. - Oct. 3, 2017)

Why watch soap operas when you can read real-life appellate cases instead?

"Defendant and J.C. became friends, and eventually began dating. J.C. moved into defendant’s trailer shortly thereafter. In late 2007, defendant discovered she was pregnant. Defendant, then thirty-five years old, was overjoyed at the news. J.C. was decidedly less enthusiastic. At twenty-four years old, J.C. felt he was not ready to become a father. . . ."

("Decidedly less enthusiastic."  Love it.)

"Defendant’s one-year visa was due to expire in July 2009. In July 2009, defendant received a letter from immigration authorities indicating that her application to extend her stay had been denied. Defendant telephoned immigration authorities and learned that she was required to leave the country immediately.  Around the same time, defendant proposed marriage to J.C. J.C. thought the proposal was “absurd,” especially in light of the fact that defendant was still married to someone else."

Being married to someone else does seem sort of like a complicating factor vis-a-vis an engagement, no?

You can read the rest of the opinion if you'd like.  Drama, baby drama, baby abduction, etc.

Our lives are tame in comparison