Monday, March 05, 2018

People v. Garton (Cal. Supreme Court - May 5, 2018)

The facts of this death penalty opinion read like a made-for-television movie.  A really bad made-for-TV movie.

If it were an actual movie, I'd have turned it off after the first three minutes because it's so pathetic, implausible, and overwrought.

But it's actually real.  So I keep turning the pages as I read today's opinion.  Yes, it's the conviction of a guy who's clearly seen too many movies.  But it's amazing that he actually makes this stuff up.  Or that people seem to buy it.

Of course, there are real victims as well, so at the same time, it's incredibly sad.

It's a set of facts I wouldn't believe if someone pitched 'em to me.  Yet here they are, straight out of an opinion from the California Supreme Court.