Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Vilutis v. NRG Solar Alpine (Cal. Ct. App. - April 10, 2018)

It's worth the occasional reminder to mention that the volume of the unpublished work by the Court of Appeal massively swamps the published component.  For example, today, at least as of 2:20 p.m., there's absolutely nothing at all published by the California Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, or the Ninth Circuit.  Nothing.  Yet there are no less than twenty unpublished dispositions from the Court of Appeal.

Not bad for a single workday.

So, if only for entertainment (or shock) value, I thought I'd mention one of those cases -- one that involves an anti-SLAPP motion and a raucous public meeting.  At which there's indisputably a "kerfuffle" that ends when one of the participants allegedly tells another "You fucking faggot. Get the fuck out of my store! . . . . Get the fuck out of the store, you faggot, or I am going to call the Sheriff.”

Which is not something you typically hear at your usual Town Council meeting.

That said, it's a public forum, and there's no probability of success on the merits.  So the lawsuit gets dismissed, and the Court of Appeal affirms.

With costs and fees to the defendant.