Tuesday, April 30, 2019

People v. Morrison (Cal. Ct. App. - April 30, 2019)

The question is whether Mr. Morrison stays in detention for additional periods.  But common sense dictates that it's not really a question:

"Morrison had been convicted of kidnapping and raping a fourteen-year-old girl, and forcing her to orally copulate him. While in prison for those crimes, Morrison repeatedly engaged in sexual misconduct and threatening sexualized behavior toward female prison medical professionals. He also admitted he had uncontrollable urges and was likely to rape again if released. . . . Morrison had repeatedly exposed himself to and masturbated in front of female medical professionals, and engaged in other threatening sexual behavior . . . . Morrison confided to a psychologist that, if released, he would rape again."

Yeah.  You're going to be continuously detained as an SVP given those facts.

The only surprising thing is that at least one expert came to the conclusion that Mr. Morrison was not an SVP.  But for the Court of Appeal, that doesn't matter.  It'd be "absurd" to let him out at this stage.