Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Attia v. Google (9th Cir. - Dec. 16, 2020)I

I generally try not to use my professional title ("Professor") outside of academia.  I may have "earned" the appellation -- at least using that term loosely -- but still.  Seems pretentious at times.

I say that appropos the listing of counsel in this Ninth Circuit appeal from earlier today, which includes the following entry:  "Professor G. Robert Blakey Emeritus, Notre Dame Law School, Paradise Valley, Arizona."  I was struck by the inclusion of that listing in part because I was fairly certain that Notre Dame Law School was not located in Paradise Valley, Arizona, and wondered if there was another Notre Dame of which I was not aware.  (After all, London Bridge is in Arizona too.)

Of course, the listing is simply the address of a retired law professor.  Fair enough.  Arizona's the new Florida.

Though they all seem to come to San Diego during the summer.

Anyway, the professor emeritus (and his co-counsel) lose, and Google wins.