Thursday, August 24, 2006

People v. Lewis & Oliver (Cal. Supreme Ct. - Aug. 24, 2006)

It's a simple message. But nonetheless one worth mention:

Don't enter into a bigamous marriage, repeatedly commit domestic violence upon your "wife", terrorize her after she leaves you once she discovers that you're already married to someone else, and then assault a church during services and shoot and kill several of her family members worshiping therein.

Oh, and don't help your friend do so either. Because if you do, you'll both be sentenced to death. And the California Supreme Court will affirm both of your sentences in a unanimous opinion that spans 127 pages.

Assaulting a church during services in order to kill your ex-wife's family because she left you once she discovered you were a bigamist. Wow. You're pretty much begging for the death penalty, no?