Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rhodes v. Henry (9th Cir. - July 15, 2010)

Paul Rhodes is charged with and convicted for the capital crime of first degree murder of -- as well as the kidnapping, robbery, and rape of -- Susan Michelbacher. He's sentenced to death.

Seems to me like also convicting the guy for "the infamous crime against nature" is sort of piling on, no?

Plus, maybe Idaho could make it's criminal code a little more "hip" -- as well as constitutional -- by changing the statute. Which currently reads: "Every person who is guilty of the infamous crime against nature, committed with mankind or with any animal, is punishable by imprisonment in the sate prison [for] not less than five years."

I think we can handle the word "sodomy" in 2010. As well as allow it consensually. And maybe not punish all of it with a mandatory minimum of five years (to life).

I'm just sayin'.

POSTSCRIPT - Speaking of the infamous crime against nature, someone who did NOT testify before Congress recently pointed me in the direction of this unintentionally funny case (Lason), uncertain whether the case "is as well known to your generation." Let the diffusion of knowledge commence.