Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bible v. Schriro (9th Cir. - June 28, 2011)

Don't you read this blog, Richard?  You killed a 9-year old girl utterly without reason.  As I said a couple of years ago, given this fact, no panel -- much less Judges Gould, Clifton and Bybee -- are going to care much about what you say or any alleged errors at trial.  Which, as I said, is why your convicted and sentenced were affirmed back then.

Even less are they likely to delay your execution or allow you to file a second habeas petition seeking to have some hair fibers tested for DNA.  Again, as I (and they) said two years ago, your guilt is clear.  So your efforts to postpone your execution are hardly going to be viewed favorably.  Which is why, yet again, the panel tells you to pound sand.

Richard Bible's last dinner will be this evening.  Neither the en banc Ninth Circuit nor the Supreme Court will step in.  Tomorrow will be his last day.