Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Lewis v. Fletcher Jones Motor Cars (Cal. Ct. App. - April 25, 2012)

I feel pretty confident that Fletcher Jones Motor Cars is going to win the underlying case.  Despite the fact that they lost their motion to compel arbitration below, as well as the resulting appeal from that ruling.

It also sounds like their lawyers are going to continue to scorch some earth during the process.  As they have already.

Notwithstanding my predictions of victory, their counsel don't come out smelling very pretty.  Not only do they lose (twice) and run up legal fees (on both sides), but their arguments on appeal are -- to be frank -- super weak.  Lame, even.
I'm also not the only one who noticed it.  Justice Aronson writes an opinion that makes pretty clear the many deficiencies of Fletcher Jones' arguments.  And misreadings of cases.  And silliness.

No shrinking violet, that one.