Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thomas v. Stenberg (Cal. Ct. App. - May 29, 2012)

Here's an appeal involving a motorcyclist who was hit by a cow on a private road and sued.  In which county do you think the accident transpired?

You're amazing if you guessed "Marin."  Because I certainly didn't.  It's not an area that immediately comes to mind when I think of wandering bovines.  Cougars, maybe.  But not cows.

Justice Dondero's opinion contains a wealth of information, including which cows are more docile than others.  Beef cattle more aggressive than dairy cattle.  Herefords more docile than Angus.  (And the Red Angus more docile than the Black.)  Don't mess with Brahman cattle.  Lots of good stuff.

Since the opinion involves a cow who attacked a human (rather than simply being run into), it seems appropriate after our long Memorial Day weekend.  If only because most of us likely feasted at least a little upon roasted cattle.

A good reminder that they're capable of evening things up a bit if they're given a chance.