Friday, June 21, 2013

In Re John M. (Cal. Ct. App. - June 21, 2013)

Here's a depressing set of facts to begin the weekend:

"On February 21, 2012, DCFS filed a petition alleging that Toni R. (mother) had bipolar disorder, a 25-year history of substance abuse, and was a current daily abuser of heroin, alcohol, and prescription medication. . . . The detention report stated that John was placed in foster care, and that John‘s older sibling, J.R., had been removed from mother‘s care in 1998 and adopted as a result of mother‘s substance abuse in 2002. At the time of J.R.‘s detention, mother and father had custody of John, but father was in prison. John‘s parents‘ home was in an unsanitary and unsafe condition, with no utilities and no bed for the minor to sleep on. Mother, in addition to a history of substance abuse, had a history of arrests and convictions for drug related offenses, including possession of a controlled substance."

Hopefully it can at least make us all thankful for what we have.

As well as what we lack.