Friday, June 28, 2013

In Re Marshall (9th Cir. - June 28, 2013)

Who knew that a marriage between a stripper and an octogenerian would create so much litigation?  Three trips to the Ninth Circuit and one in the United States Supreme Court.  Not to mention all of the various -- incredibly expensive -- proceedings in trial and bankruptcy courts throughout the nation.  A series of litigations that, as the Ninth Circuit artfully noted, "pitt[ed] wife against son and brothers against each other, has defied resolution for nearly two decades, and has survived almost all of its original players."

This the latest, and hopefully last, installment of the Howard/Vicki Lynn Marshall saga.  Yet another bankruptcy filing by one of the participants.  In which the sordid details again play themselves out.

The Ninth Circuit affirms.  Here's hoping that the litigations, as well as the participants who have now passed, rest in peace.