Tuesday, April 08, 2008

People v. Garelick (Cal. Ct. App. - April 8, 2008)

I'm pretty impressed. It's one thing to get a pedophile to show up at a park for a rendezvous with an alleged 13-year old girl. That's not too hard. It's another thing to have the foresight to ask the pedophile to bring with him a particular brand of condoms and a particular brand of bubble gum. That's pretty creative. 'Cause when you stop that guy at a park, and he's got that stuff in his pocket, that pretty much proves he's the one you're after, right? And the bubble gum is an obvious -- and brilliant -- jury atmospheric. The only thing better is if you could ask him to bring a particular type of comic book. Classic.

As for the wisdom of trolling for or responding to alleged 13-year old minors over the internet, or leaving kiddie porn on your computer while you do so, I can only reiterate what I constantly like to say.