Tuesday, April 08, 2008

People v. Lessie (Cal. Ct. App. - April 8, 2008)

I'm far from the most tech-savvy person in the universe. I was a late adopter of e-mail. I barely know how to send a text message. I've IMed maybe twice in my life. And -- horror of horrors -- only earlier this year did I purchase a cell phone. (My theory, right or wrong, was that very few students ever say: "I need to talk to my Civ Pro professor ASAP.")

But even I know that the relevant provider is spelled "Nextel", not "Nextell". So when Justice Huffman -- or the even-more-cell-phone-provider-challenged-than-I-am law clerk in his chambers -- repeatedly misspells that particular word in this opinion, it definitely caught my eye. Especially on page 6, in which the court reporter below transcribed the word as "Nextel", and Justice Huffman quotes this portion of the transcript but changes it to "Nextel[l, a cellular phone.]" Yikes.

Maybe this will help. It's memorable. And approximates how I used to dance in college.