Thursday, November 19, 2009

In Re Karen Golinski (9th Cir. - Nov. 18, 2009)

"Yesterday, my good buddy Steve entered this order that said that Brad was entitled to get benefits for his same sex husband. (Which Shaun dutifully mentioned here.) Today, I'm entering this order that says that Karen gets similar benefits for her same sex wife. And I'm just as serious -- perhaps even more serious -- about this as Steve. Steve gave money. I'm giving money and some serious injunctive relief. Stop messing around!"

I can't fathom that these orders weren't coordinated by the two chambers. Which makes it especially interesting to contrast the two (only slightly) different approaches. (To take a relatively trivial point, for example, the first order uses the petitioner's name without comment, while the second order drops a footnote to say that ordinarily names are confidential but that the opinion discloses it only because the petitioner consented.)

Plus, another signature. This time from Chief Judge Kozinski.

Funky stuff.