Friday, November 20, 2009

Reed v. Town of Gilbert, Arizona (9th Cir. - Nov. 20, 2009)

You know why, inter alia, my second- and first-grade children don't read the Federal Appellate Reporter? No pictures.

But that's all changing. Check out page 15399 of the slip opinion by Judge McKeown. Yay! A picture!

Sure, it's just a picture of a sign on some grass. But the case is about signs, after all. So that seems appropriate.

Which also reminded me of that famous 1970s Canadian group, Five Man Electrical Band. Who look like this now (from their official web site). Their most famous hit, of course, being the 1971 song: "Signs".

You remember it. "Signs, signs, everywhere a sign. . . ." If you don't remember it, here's a version -- with the added bonus of some awesome real-life signs in the background while the song's playing.

Too bad Judge McKeown couldn't work in the song to the opinion. 1970s bands from Canada need all the help they can get, after all.