Thursday, August 18, 2011

Martin v. Inland Empire Utilities Agency (Cal. Ct. App. - August 18, 2011)

Hold on.  I can see Dean Martin alleging age discrimination.  He'd be 94 years old, after all.  But racial discrimination as well?

Oh, wait.  Not that Dean Martin.  Another one.  This one in San Bernadino, who's allegedly of "African-American Heritage."

The opinion here concerns an anti-SLAPP motion filed to part of the complaint.  No one ends up looking all that great; the attorneys (who occasionally fail to include the relevant record) or the trial judge (who failed to rule on various issues and who didn't seem all that together at the oral argument).

Still, it caught my attention.  It's not just a Martin.  It's a Dean Martin.  Memorably.