Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Perfect 10, Inc. v. Google (9th Cir. - August 3, 2011)

Michael Cera gives sound advice in Superbad when he says:  "You could always subscribe to a site like Perfect 10.  I mean, that could be anything.  It could be a bowling site."

It's in fact a pay-per-pornography site.  And after today's Ninth Circuit opinion, he could give even better counsel.  "Save your money.  Just look for infringing sites that have copies of those pictures, and even if Perfect 10 sent a takedown notice to Google, just check out, where Google sends the takedown notice alongside the URL of the infringing site.  Go there.  Enjoy."

By the way, business doesn't look good for Perfect 10.  Revenues have been declining.  They say infringement.  I mnight say glut of internet pornography instead.