Friday, November 15, 2013

U.S. v. King (9th Cir. - Nov. 15, 2013)

Check this one out.  A story of guns, lies, and the convictions that were ultimately spawned.

Here's a snippet:

"Oliver King, born Hamid Malekpour, is an Iranian-born Canadian citizen and self-described firearms enthusiast. In January 2009, during a flight from Amsterdam to Tehran, King bonded with Amir Zarandi, an Iranian-born United States citizen, over their shared passion for guns.

Although King purportedly ran an ammunition manufacturing business in Vancouver, Canada, he was not permitted to lawfully deal firearms in either the United States or Canada. As a non-immigrant alien, King was ineligible for a license to deal firearms in the United States. He was eligible for a license in Canada, but his license had been revoked. Three months after he and Zarandi met, King invited Zarandi to Vancouver. During the visit, King drove Zarandi to a building where King’s company was purportedly located. When Zarandi asked to go inside, King made excuses and did not permit Zarandi to enter. At King’s apartment, King showed off his gun collection and introduced Zarandi to his 'wife,' Rebecca Reznick, whom King claimed to have met when they served together in the Israeli Intelligence. (In fact, she was his girlfriend whom he met on J-date.)"

You gotta love the parenthetical.